Get Involved

Here at The Church LV we believe the body of christ is strengthened, restored, and will experience life change in the community provided by small groups! We have a variety of options to allow you to get involved where you feel comfortable.


Join A Group

We can grow as individuals and spiritually when we engage in community. To look at a full list of all the groups currently available, please click here.

Start a Group

Leading a group is an opportunity to help build a community with those around us. Our free market groups allow us to lead a group in area that we have an interest in. If you have an idea for a group or want to start a bible, click here.

Attend a Life Class

Life Classes are an opportunity to learn about practical topics from marriage, parenting, and finances in a familiar setting at the church and then finishing the last classes in a small group setting. Our hope is for you to start conversations and meet new people that will grow with you into community. To sign up for a Life Class, please click here.