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The word leadership gets used a lot in life. I have heard it used, I’ve said it, and we have all used it and heard it through our time in church and maybe even in our workplaces. It is said and heard a lot because it is critical. Jesus had a lot to say in regards to leadership. In Matthew 20 Jesus says that if we want to become great in His kingdom we have to become a servant of all, if we desire to go to the head, we do that by serving people from underneath.

Before we get to Jesus let us take a look at Adam and Eve. If we read Genesis 1, 2, and 3 things went south. There was Adam and all was good. God looks down and everything is good and God declares things to be good and very good. However all of a sudden God said not good, when He said not good he was looking at Adam. Adam probably asks, “What is not good?” and God replies, “you aren’t good Adam, you are alone”. Adam had no concept of being alone so God made Adam a woman. Adam wakes up from a nap and there is his wife. This changed everything. They went off to fellowship and to get to know one another. The problem was that the devil had already been fired from his job and was down here in the planet. So he walks in to Adam and Eve’s home and causes them to sin. Adam and Eve as a result are fired from their job, are evicted from their home, their kids start killing each other and it goes down hill from there.

Now we can imagine God sitting in heaven after he has made all this. There is God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit and God the father looks over to his son and kind of says, “Well son, Adam has lost it all and has messed everything up and I’m going to have to send you down there son, you’re the only I have. Now I have no one else to go, but you can’t go like yourself because a man lost it and a man is going to have to get it back. So I will have to send you as a human. I’ll have to put you into a mothers’ womb and she will have to put you out. You’ll have to grow up and figure out who you are. Then people won’t believe who you are, they are going to lie about you, try to throw rocks at you, try to shove you off a cliff and eventually they will arrest you and nail you to some wood, rip the hair out of your face and you will have to go to hell for three days, but you are the only one I got son, you have to go”.

What if Jesus would had been like most men, especially in leadership when all of a sudden all the pressure comes on, and he would had said, “well it is not my fault, not my fault Adam messed up father. You were good to him, you gave him everything, it is not my fault”. But that is not Jesus’ response. Jesus became responsible for something that was not his fault. He came to earth as a man, took on a body of a man, lived our life, and paid our price.

From Jesus’ example we can identify three things great leaders do, they not only have a responsibility but they also leave things better than they found them and reproduce themselves

1. Leaders become responsible for something that is not their fault.

Great leaders become responsible for things that are not their fault. They are looking for problems to solve, not people to accuse. The first thing you do as a leader is you become responsible for something that is not your fault, that is how you fix things.

2. Leaders leave things better than they find them.

Jesus always left things better than he found them. Jesus found a blind man and left him with eye sight, Jesus found a man with no hand and left him with a hand, Jesus found a kid at a funeral and Jesus raised him up from the dead, Jesus found five thousand hungry people on a hillside and made food to feed them all. From Matthew, Mark, Luke and John whatever Jesus did he left it better than he found it. Great leaders not only become responsible for things that are not their fault, they leave things better than they find them.

3. Leaders work themselves out of a job.

The third thing Jesus did that is really important on leadership is that he was always working himself out of a job. When we read the gospels we see the only time Jesus was mad was when his disciples did not understand what he was trying to teach them. Over and over Jesus would say to them, oh you of little faith. What Jesus was saying here to his disciples was simply “when are you going to get this, I need to go home, you all are going to have to do what I am doing, you are going to have to do this job, the works I do you will have to do also”. Therefore great leaders are always trying to work themselves out of a job. You are trying to delegate on a regular basis.

These are the things great leaders do. We have a great opportunity in front of us to go and lead, let us go serve someone, let us lead and leave people better than we find them, and let us see how much we can work ourselves out of a job. Thank you for your time and thank you for serving alongside us.




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