Replicating Yourself


Jesus and Replicating

Matthew 28:16-19 talks about replicating ourselves, which means to duplicate ourselves. Jesus said to his disciples, I want you to go and make disciples of all people, which simply meant that Jesus wanted his disciples to duplicate themselves. Jesus knew that he would no longer be physically on earth. Jesus also understood that it could not just be his disciples passing on the message because one day they would all grow old and pass away, but then what would happen to the body of Christ? One pastor once told me that every local church is one generation away from being gone. If we are not training and teaching the next generation, what do we really have going?

God’s Original Plan

Gods plan since Genesis has been to have people replicate themselves. After Adam and Eve fell, God was looking for somewhere to start. The Jewish people would become Gods chosen people. But God first starts with an old man by the name of Abram who was married to Sarai of which niether could have kids. God meets with Abram and tells him, you’re my guy and I am going to make you a father of many nations, you are going to have descendants that will be like the stars in the heavens and the sand in the sea. At this time Sarai was in the tent listening to the angel telling her husband all this and when she hears the angel tell Abram that he is going to have all these kids, she could not help but laugh. The bible says that Sarai said, “shall I have pleasure seeing my Lord being old also”, what she is saying here is that Abram and her could not have children when they were able to have children and certainly there could not be any way that they will have children now because they are too old. Nine months after Sarai has a child. God keeps his promise.

Abraham an Unlikely Candidate

God takes this man named Abram and starts a whole race of people with him. We can think to ourselves, why would God pick him? If we read about Abram, he was not a saint. Up to that point we know that Abram has lied twice and twice he tried to give his wife away. This can lead us to believe that Abram is just a normal guy, so why would God pick this man to start his people with and to duplicate himself? God knew something about him which is noted in Genesis 18:19, God knew Abraham would teach his children, his grandchildren and all those in his household. God knew that what He was about to give Abraham, Abraham would not hold on to or grow old and die with it but that Abraham would pass it on to the next generation. God needs people who are willing to pass to the next generation what He gives them. What defines us as leaders is not what we learn but what we give away.

As a result the Jewish people come to be and are established people. God gave great promises, but God decided to start that promise with a man who could not have kids. God fulfilled his promise and Sara gave birth to their son Isaac. Isaac as Abraham’s son who inherit the promise given to Abraham, that God would make a great nation out him. However Isaac runs into the same problem Abraham did by marring a woman who could not have kids. In Genesis 25 Isaac begins to pray the promises of God. Isaac prayed that his wife Rebecca would be pregnant. God proves faithful again and answers Isaacs’ prayer and Rebecca gives birth to twins.

The question is then, how will we duplicate ourselves? It will take effort and prayer. This is why Paul writes, to pray without ceasing. God’s desire is for us to duplicate ourselves. We have been given a message that is going to change the world; to save souls, to bring joy that is found in Christ, to point people to the God who will satisfy them and give them life and life more abundantly. God came to give us life, but the purpose of this is not just to have life but that we leave something behind. This is to make sure that others faith is well and their faith is growing. Whatever we know and learn our responsibility is not to hide it away but to give it away.

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