Developing Those Around You


Explore Jesus’ model of developing His disciples to help others see their next steps in fulfilling their redemptive purpose.

Be confident that God will continue to equip you as you continue on this journey. God doesn’t call the equipped he equips those he calls.

This is the second installment of our three-part series of identifying, developing, and empowering those around you, if you did not get a chance to read over our first part on identifying we highly encourage you take a few minutes to do so, click here.

In identifying we focused on first determining where someone is on their walk with Christ, this can be accomplished by asking basic questions, for example;

  1. Tell me your salvation story
  2. Have they ever been water baptized
  3. Have they attended growth track
  4. What is one are you would love to grow in

We will explore Jesus’ model of developing His disciples to help others see their next steps in fulfilling their redemptive purpose.

Now lets discuss developing those you have identified, in Matthew Jesus provides a great model for developing his disciples. Jesus saw the potential in his disciples and developed that potential by doing four simple things, He believed in them, He encouraged them, He shared with them, and He trusted them.

  1. Believe in Them; In Matthew 4:19 Jesus confidently says “I will”, here Jesus displays his belief in his disciples knowing they have the ability to accomplish the task he has for them.
  2. Encourage Them; In Matthew 16:17-20, we see Jesus encouraging Peter by saying, “On this rock”.
  3. Share with Them; In Matthew 10, Jesus shares his ministry with his disciples and teaches them to rely on God the way in which he does.
  4. Trust Them; Lastly in Matthew 28:18-19 Jesus entrust his disciples with the mission of his life.

By identifying and developing his leaders Jesus knew he could leave earth, send his spirit, and know that these people he left behind would be empowered to fulfill his mission. Know that whether it is someone’s first time or tenth time at your small group, you too can follow Jesus’ example by simply remembering one word, BEST.

B: Believe

Believe in them, motivate those around you by letting them know you believe in their abilities and consistently encourage them to do their best. When your group members know that you as the the host have confidence in them they become highly motivated and begin to believe in themselves.

E: Encourage

Encourage them, verbally affirm and express an appreciation of their strengths, what do you see in them, is it their positive attitude, their influence with others, is it their God confidence or their excellent communication skills. Whatever you see encourage them to step out and use their strengths and gifts to make a difference. People who feel encouraged and supported are more likely to grow, develop, and become empowered to make a difference in their sphere of influence.

S: Share

Share with them, share your wisdom and your experience and provide next steps to move them closer to fulfilling their redemptive purpose. Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”.

T: Trust

Trust in them. In order to build both their competence and confidence they will need opportunities to put into practice what they have learned through your support and encouragement. The best way to prepare them is to actively involve them in leadership of your group by providing opportunities to operate in their strengths and gifting’s. Allow them to lead one of your small group meetings or ask them to host or co-host a small group next semester

Developing leaders take us as host and leaders to be intentional and helping others see their next steps. This is another great way to involve your coach, share with them how you are developing those around you.

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