Coaching for Small Groups


Thank you for choosing to invest in your development. We believe that small groups are vital to the growth of our church. At The Church LV we believe that as a church we need to grow larger and smaller at the same time, you all make that possible because it is through the avenue of small groups that we accomplish this. We also believe that in order to grow to the next level as a church, we must each go to a new level as leaders. By choosing to read these leadership development resources, we truly believe you are growing as a leader.

At this time, I want to take an opportunity to share with you on one of our key components of our small group structures, which is coaching. Coaching is a term that each of you should be familiar with and some of you reading this may even be coaches. So today I would like to give you some insight on what the role of a coach is and what the coach and leader relationship should look like. A coach’s role is to provide covering, promote growth, and produce leaders.

Let us first talk about what we as the small group leadership ask our coaches to do.

1.Provide Covering

We believe that the greatest thing we can give you is prayer support. Our coaches are also small group leaders so they understand the things you are going through and they are there to serve you. They know what you need and they are there to pray for you.

2. Promote Growth

This is the second thing we ask our coaches to do. A coach has a heart to see their leaders grow. What we do as the leadership of Small Groups is equip your coaches with the resources and tools that you need to succeed. Each of you have heard that your goals a small group leader is to help your participants Move One Step and that is great news. It is not up to you to fix everything that is going on in their lives. You simply need to help them take one step in their spiritual journey this semester. Your coach is your direct connection to the resources available to you to see those participants succeed and take that one step. I want to encourage you to take full advantage of that. The next time you have a challenging situation you need guidance on or even an incredible victory you want to celebrate please contact your coach and share that with them. They are there for you.

3. Produce Leaders

This is the final thing we ask our coaches to do, is to produce leaders, other coaches, and/or other hosts. As a leader I believe there is nothing more rewarding than to look back on the small groups you’ve led and see a trail of leaders. If you take the Small Groups at The Church LV this semester and each hosts would raise just one more hosts or leader, we have the potential to double our small groups in the coming semester. Now we do want to see those double, not for the sake of numbers, but because there are people out there that need to experience life change. Those are more opportunities for all who attend The Church LV to experience the true-life change that we know happens in the context of relationships

Your coaches goal it to help you identify, develop, and empower those future leaders in your group. We ask you to partner in them with that. In closing, like any relationship, a relationship with a coach is a two-way street. The beauty of this relationship is that these men and woman have committed to be first and foremost your personal intercessor for you as a small group leader and host. Intercessors have one primary need, intel. Intercessors need intel, so communicate with your coach what is going on in your life and in your small group. We can all agree that each of us could always use a little more prayer. Thank you for reading through this leadership development resource. I believe coaching is one of the most amazing resources we can give you and really is the key to healthy small groups. Thank you coaches for investing in leaders and our small group hosts.

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